January 26, 27 & 28, 2018 Viborg – Denmark


Thursday, January 25th

13:00 > 14:30

Networking Lunch

14:30 > 18:30

Speakers rehearsal

18:30 > 20:30

Welcome Dinner

21:00 > 22:30
Gaming the Real World

Fotorama – Tingvej 4, 8800 Viborg

22:30 > 23:00
Anders Eklund
With Anders Eklund – Director & Productor of « Gaming the Real World »

Friday, January 26th

Musiksalen – Gravene 25
8800 – Viborg, Denmark

8:30 > 9:00

Welcome Coffee

9:00 > 9:15
Opening words
Amy Kalson – Senior Game Designer / Producer – SYBO Games
Morten Thorning – General Director – The Animation Workshop
Jean-Michel Blottiere – President – Games for Change Europe
Welcome & Presentation of the day
9:20 > 9:50
Emilie Bach – Art Director/student – The Animation Workshop
Lisbeth Engbo, Head of Communication – Plastic Change

How the commercial « Poseidon » came to be: From school project to viral video, seen over 51 million times on facebook.

9:55 > 10:25
Emily Hubley – American filmmaker and animator, Hubbub Inc.
Up Close and Far Away

A review of clips from various animated projects, from personal non-fiction films to social issue documentaries and PSAs. How do we respond to the world around us? How can animation engage us as individuals? As educators/activists?

10:30 > 11:00
reza riahi
Reza Riahi – Painter and Art Director
Art direction in The Breadwinner

The processe of the creation and the visual ideas behind the animation movie »The Breadwinner ». All begins with just a book, then a script then character deisgn and so on, till the final image that you see in the cinema.   The visual choices in the character deisgn in a relation to the subject matter.  The importance of the technic and the materials using in the film considering the time,budjet and the crew.

11:00 > 11:20

Networking Break

11:20 > 11:50
Theodore Ushev – Artist/Director – NFB/Moments foundation
The missing frame - animation manifesto

How the animation art can change the society, perceptions. The goal, role and perspectives for the contemporary animation artists.

11:55 > 12:25
marc bertrand
Marc Bertrand – Producer at the French Animation Studio of The National Film Board of Canada
Space... The Final Frontier

Since the advent of new interactive media, creators must constantly re-evaluate the space they want to offer viewers in their work. From theater to games, traditional animation, stereoscopy, VR, AR and multimedia installations, the questions remain the same; What is the experience offered by medium that one wishes to employ? What space or the role does the author wish to offer in his work to the user?  What will remain imprinted in the spectator?  As a producer for over twenty years at the NFB, these are the questions I still ask myself for each of my productions. The answers are becoming more complex.

12:30 > 13:00
Milan Grajetzki – CEO NVRMIND
Dario Seyb – CTO NVRMIND
VR Tools for Immersive Storytelling
13:00 > 14:30

Networking Lunch

14:30 > 15:00
amy kalson
Amy Kalson – Senior Designer and Producer – SYBO
Crafting the future of technology with deep thought and care

As creators and technologists, we often talk about how we want our work to have the greatest impact on the world. But what does that really mean? What is the real impact of our creations and how can we craft the future with thought and care?

15:05 > 15:35
Liam Walsh-site
Liam Walsh – Director of Creative Technology – Nexus Productions
The role of reality in Augmented Reality

What makes an experience ‘augmented reality’ beyond just the technology? Augmented reality is still in its infancy as a mass-market medium and for most people it’s just a gimmick. What can we do as content creators to make compelling experiences in AR?  This talk is about crafting illusions, making the unreal real and including reality itself in storytelling. It covers A/R, computer vision, AI but no prior technical knowledge is required.

15:40 > 16:10
pierre corbinais
Pierre Corbinais – Co-Auteur / Writer at The Pixrl Hunt
The writing of Bury me my Love

Bury me, my Love is a reality-inspired interactive fiction telling a young Syrian woman’s story as she flees Syria and tries to reach Europe. Pierre Corbinais comes back to the writing process of the game and explains how to turn reality into fiction, and how to make that fiction sounds real.

16:10 > 16:30

Networking Break

16:30 > 17:00
Christoph Deeg – Consultant, Speaker, and Author in the field of gamification, playfull experiences and digital-analog strategies.
Gamify Africa - how games can function in a social transformation process

In 2016 something happend in Addis Abeba:
Together with the German gaming and gamification expert Christoph Deeg
a group of young people from Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) who had never
designed a game before developed the first local-based game ³The
Battle of the Times² as part of the ³Gamify the City Future² project.
Developed by the German Goethe­Institut, the project uses gaming and
gamification as a tool for participation and engagement during the
process of defining a future for the city of Addis Abeba. This project
was also the beginning of the network « Chewata Awaqi ». In 2018, this
project will expand to 15 African countries. In his presentation,
Christoph Deeg will talk about the goals and the ideas behind the game
and it’s possible impact on city-planning in the future.

17:05 > 17:35
Anders Eklund
Anders Eklund – Director & Productor, Luckyday
Gaming in Urban Planning

City planning and global urbanisation face gigantic challenges in the near future – in terms of economy, sustainability and social aspects. But how can video games play a part in order to succeed when it comes to interaction with the residents – especially young people around the world? Can games help to empower more than 1/3 of humanity that will live in informal cities, slum in the year 2050?  Can games change how we plan our future cities?

17:40 > 18:25
Closing Keynote / Games
Anne-Laure Fanise – Producer – DigixArt
Yoan Fanise – Creative Director – DigixArt
Are games with purpose sustainable?

After the release of Valiant Hearts in 2014, Yoan Fanise decided to co-found DigixArt, a studio dedicated to « meaningful games ». This talk, given with producer Anne-Laure Fanise, tries to analyze the reasons of this successful entrepreneurial adventure. 3 years of winnings and failures with precious learnings for the team. How the meaningful dimension triggered everything, from players to developers and publishers. They will also share how AAA and other industries practices can help to build sustainability in a young structure.

18:25 > 18:30
Closing words
Amy Kalson – Senior Game Designer / Producer – SYBO Games
Morten Thorning – General Director – The Animation Workshop
Jean-Michel Blottiere – President – Games for Change Europe
Closing Words & Announcement of the Game Jam
19:00 > 21:00

Networking Dinner

Saturday, January 27th

Studenterhuset – Ammunitionsvej 5
8800 Viborg – Denmark

8:30 > 12:00

Impact Jam – Mind the Ocean

12:00 > 13:00

Networking Lunch

13:00 > 18:30

Impact Jam – Mind the Ocean

19:00 > 21:00

Networking Dinner

Sunday, January 28th

Studenterhuset – Ammunitionsvej 5
8800 Viborg – Denmark

8:30 > 12:00

Impact Jam – Mind the Ocean

12:00 > 13:00

Networking Lunch

13:00 > 15:30

Impact Jam – Mind the Ocean

Projects Presentation


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