Jean-Noël Portugal



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Titre de la table ronde : Game Design et Pédagogie / Game Design Thinking – Tout est jeu : Enseigner, c’est jouer


Informations sur le conférencier

Prénom / Nom :  Jean-Noël Portugal

Titre / Fonction : Directeur général de Daesign

Biographie du conférencier : Jean-Noël Portugal is an advisor for growth-stage companies, digital technology clusters and governmental organizations, with roles ranging from prospective analysis and trend studies through to strategy and product/service innovation. He has founded two digital technology startups and has served as the CEO of HD3D SAS, a joint venture between 9 digital labs, VFX and animation studios, aiming at developing interoperable production and asset management tools. He has conducted innovative research for the web, video game, film, television and transmedia sectors, and recently delivered a report to French Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) outlining a 10-year perspective for the film and television industries in France