Phil Stuart



General information about the presentation

Title of presentation: How to design games kids want?

Abstract of the presentation: The session will explore the milestones of a child development and show how knowledge of their cognitive, social, communication and physical abilities should inform design thinking. It will introduce the audience to design principles originally proposed over 10 years ago in a MIT white paper and show how these are highly transferable to kids educational games, presented in the context of some of the world’s most successful.


Detailed information about the speaker

First name / last name: Phil Stuart

Title: Creative Director

Name of the company: Preloaded

Website of the company:

Speaker biography: Phil is the co-founder and Creative Director of Preloaded. A fanatical gamer and a champion for the power of games which do more than just entertain, he is responsible for the studio’s ‘Games with Purpose’ vision.

Company presentation: Preloaded is a BAFTA winning Applied Games studio focussed on the creation of ‘Games with Purpose’. Over the past 16 years Preloaded has worked with broadcasters, museums, brands, government organisations, charities and NGOs to use the transformational power of games to solve problems and change lives. The studio recently joined the Learning Technologies Group and are now focussing on Training and Health alongside their Educational specialism.