Michael Angst

Title of Presentation:
The Power of Games to Help Youth Understand and Shape Their World
Abstract of the Presentation:
Games with embedded creation tools like Gamestar Mechanic and Minecraft empower players to build skills and identity as a designer within a global community in which they are invested.   Michael will share observations from reaching students in over 10,000 schools in 100 countries through these game and discuss the enabling conditions and barriers to harnessing the power of games in formal and informal learning environments.
Speaker: Michael Angst
Title: Co-Founder, CEO
Company: E-Line Media
Website: www.elinemedia.com
Speaker Bio:
Michael is the co-founder and CEO of E-Line Media, a mission-based venture that harnesses the power of games the help people understand and shape their world.  Michael has spent his career as an operating executive and private equity investor in healthcare and education, focused on how companies can achieve financial success and make positive impact in the world.  Michael also formerly served as the Executive Chairman of FilmAid International, an international relief organization that uses film and other media to bring life-saving information, psychological relief, and much-needed hope to refugees and other communities in need.
Company Overview:
E-Line Media is an entertainment and educational publisher that harnesses the power of games to help youth thrive in a globally connected and rapidly changing world. E-Line’s consumer games are designed to fire the imagination, catalyze curiosity and create gateways to new ideas, themes and interests. E-Line’s game-infused learning programs enable pathways of learning from middle school through college and beyond.

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