Jill Hodges



General information about the workshop

Title of workshop: Meeting Kids Where They Are: Learning Python Coding with Minecraft

Abstract of the workshop: At Fire Tech Camp, we believe that the key to teaching young people to code is to present it to them in a way that empowers them to build things that are important, relevant, and personal to them, and to share them with their community.  In this workshop we will take you through several Python learning exercises using MInecraft Py, and discuss how we use Minecraft to teach different coding languages as well as electronics and 3D design.


Detailed information about the host

First name / last name: Jill HODGES

Title: Meeting kids Where They Are: Learning Python Coding with Minecraft

Name of the company: Fire Tech Camp

Website of the company: www.firetechcamp.com

Speaker biography : Jill Hodges is the Founder of Fire Tech Camp, the UK’s leading provider of extra curricular tech education.  Jill left a career in finance and business development to launch Fire Tech Camp to address the fact that there are so few opportunities – in or outside of schools – for young people to learn critical skills around computational thinking and innovation. Jill is originally American but has spent the last 20+ years living in the UK, France and Italy.

Company presentation: Fire Tech Camp was launched in 2013 and is today the UK’s leading provider of tech education for 9-17 year olds.  Over 4000 students have already attended Fire Tech Camp workshops in the UK, Italy, Australia, and Gibraltar.  Fire Tech Camp has over 20 courses covering coding, making, and digital arts, and our mission is to teach, inspire and support the next generation of European innovators.