European Youth Event

In the context of the European Youth Event (EYE 16) on May 20 & 21, Games for Change Europe, the European Parliament and ARTE creative had teamed for a series of game related events.

The European Youth Event (EYE) took place in the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg. It was a unique opportunity for thousands of young Europeans to make their voices heard.

During the event, they exchanged ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, developed innovative solutions to crucial questions for the future and met with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience. At the same time the EYE provided an opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity within the European Union through the staging of various artistic performances and spectacles.

With the conclusion of the YOUROPE Game Challenge the nominated teams showcased their games before finally facing the audience voting for the Games for Change YOUROPE AWARD.

In a series of gaming sessions featuring “Papers, please”,“Democracy 3”, « Spent », « Data Dealer » and « Climate Challenge » participants of the EYE were invited to explore the event´s five main themes in a playful way. Five associated debate sessions brought together participants, game designers, young activists and members of the parliament to discuss the possibilities for games as media of change.

The program is still online :

Thematic Track: War and Peace – Perspectives for a Peaceful Planet
May 20; 14:30-16:00; European Parliament

The digital game “Papers, please” offers players the role of an immigration inspector at a border checkpoint: a nerve-wracking game that may change your attitude towards immigrants.

Florent Maurin, Founder PixelHunt (host)
Stéphanie Mader, Game Designer and Researcher, CNAM/CEDRIC
Sylvie Guillaume, Vice-President, European Parliament
Cheija Abdahahe, Human rights defender, Spanish Youth Council (CJE)

Thematic Track: Exclusion or Access – Crackdown on Youth Unemployment
May 20; 16:30-18:00; European Parliament

In the digital game “Spent”, players experience what life is like for someone trying to find a job and survive poverty on a day-to-day basis. Based on the gaming experience, panel and participants will discuss how to turn things around in Europe and give poor and unemployed young people a chance.

Florent Maurin, Founder PixelHunt (host)
Carmen Johann, Game Designer and Researcher, Cologne Game Lab
Pavel Trantina, President of the section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship, European Economic and Social Committee
Alvin Carpio, Global Shaper, World Economic Forum

Thematic Track: Collapse or Success – New Ways for a Sustainable Europe
May 21; 10:00-11:30; European Parliament

In this game you take the role of the “president of Europe”, attempting to reduce CO2 emissions and to save the climate. Play and discuss the chances to stop global warming.

Björn Bartholdy, Co-Director Cologne Game Lab (host)
Simon Bachelier, Games for Change Europe
Peter Jahr, Member of the European Parliament
Andreas Sieber, Manager, Climate Tracker Europe, Climate Tracker

Thematic Track: Apathy or Participation – Agenda for a Vibrant Democracy
May 21; 12:00-13:30

Do you have what it takes to run a country and to make it a better place in the future? Discover the fun and social impact of the digital game “Democracy 3”.

Katharina Tillmanns, Games for Change Europe (host)
Milan Pingel, Narrative and interaction game designer, Vibrant Core
Francis Gutman, Member of Team Europe-France (he was former Head of Unit for Events and Exhibitions at the European Parliament)
Sofian Meguellati, CEO of “Blaaast”, a French digital agency that supports start-ups, NGOs and large companies

Thematic Track: Stagnation or Innovation – Tomorrow’s World of Work
May 21; 15:30-17:00

“Data Dealer” is a sharp, clever game about personal data and privacy – the most amusing way to learn the depressing news about your vanishing privacy. Play the part of a data dealer and see what it’s like to grab and monetise people’s private data. Are you able to protect your own data or do you expect regulation from the European Parliament?

Björn Bartholdy, Co-Director Cologne Game Lab (host)
Carmen Schneidereit, Artist and game designer, Cologne Game Lab
Amelia Andersdotter, Chairperson,
Leo Cervera, Head of Unit, European Data Protection Supervisor

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