For the third year in a row,

G4CE Seminar “Education – Videogames – XR”

will bring together the European community of Educators, Game Designers, and Cognitive Pedagogy Specialists in Paris for a series of panels, workshops, and keynotes sessions.

We are delighted to welcome Ubisoft, alongside French Ministry of Education, as main sponsor of the Seminar


Join us in Paris, November 19 & 20, for a unique opportunity to meet with Ubisoft Executives,
to mingle with French Ministry of Education representatives,
to learn about opportunities in Europe, to visit the prestigious Gobelins School
– ranked #1 Animation School in the world –
and to treat yourself to our VIP Dinner Cruise on River Seine!

Structure of the Seminar

Morning Sessions will bring together:

  • 3 Game Designers – Hardcore Game / Impact Game / Educational Game
  • 3 Researchers – Science of Education / Neurosciences / Cognition
  • 3 Teachers – Creator of a game with students / Gamification of the classroom expert / Educational Games Expert…

…in a bid to provide comparative viewpoints to gain a better understanding of common concerns.

Afternoon sessions will allow two keynote speakers – One Ubisoft Representative / One French Ministry of Education Representative – to share their vision, their hopes, and their constraints.

A series of workshops will allow speakers and attendees to work together on different topics:

  • How can one capture gamers / students attention?
  • How to balance progress through the game / lesson in order to develop new skills and upgrade old ones?
  • How to encourage and manage collaboration between different players / students since each possesses unique resources and skills?
  • What are the best ways to encourage players / students to embark on a truly creative process?
  • Which tools to evaluate and reward progress?

And more…

Structure of the Seminar

Following day One brainstorming sessions, day Two will allow speakers and attendees to work together.

Workshop 1: from Game to Education

Participants will start from an existing game. The animator will challenge them to change the rules of the game and broaden the field of play in order to create a training sequence (based on training objectives).

Workshop 2: From Education to Game

The animator will encourage participants to start from an existing lesson (Litterature / STEM / etc.) and gamify the learning process.

Workshop 3: Bring your own problematic and challenge the group collective intelligence!

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris, November 19 & 20, 2018,
for another fascinating “Education – Games – XR” Seminar