David S. Bennahum

Abstract of the presentation:
Ready is a software making tool that allows people to make software and games in a visual medium.  Educators with no coding experience can also expose their students, especially female and minority populations, who have historically been excluded from computer science fields in the United States, to meaningful computational thinking.  This presentation explores the emerging world of software making without coding, and software as a form of creative human expression.
First name / last name: David S. Bennahum
Title: Co-Founder & CEO
Name of the company: Ready
Website of the company: www.getready.io
Speaker biography:
Founder / Ready.  Venture Partner / @avlphavp.  Co-Founder / @Kandu. Co-Founder CEO / Punch. Founder CEO / The American Independent News Network. Director & Advisor / DailyCandy, MediaBistro. Founding Writer / Wired. Analyst / McKinsey & Co. BA / Harvard College. Author: “Extra Life: Coming of Age in Cyberspace.” (HarperCollins 1998) First computer: Atari 800. First programming language: BASIC.
Company presentation:
Ready is an open-ended software creator that lets you build games, apps, projects, without knowing any coding language like C or Javascript.  In addition to being powerful— Ready runs on Unity3D which enables over 50% of all professional-grade mobile games— Ready is accessible to educators: teachers can master Ready by following simple online lesson plans.  This unblocks, for thousands of schools and millions of students, computational thinking, as existing teachers can finally deliver this critical curriculum.