Chaim Gingold, Ph.D.



General information about the presentation

Title of presentation: Design Notes from Earth: A Primer

Abstract of the presentation: I will share some design insights gleaned from the creation of Earth: A Primer (2015), an award winning interactive geology book. Motivation for the project began with the many simulation prototypes made for Spore (2008) that didn’t make the final cut. I set out to reimagine digital books as deeply interactive experiences brought to life via simulation and appealing visuals—much like contemporary computer games. In this talk, I will share some of the design challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from my attempt to reimagine simulations and interactive books.


Detailed information about the speaker

First name / last name: Chaim Gingold

Title: Dr. Chaim Gingold -or- Chaim Gingold, Ph.D. (My title at YCR is “Researcher”)

Name of the company: Y Combinator Research — (Please note this is not the company that made Earth Primer)

Website of the company:

Speaker biography: Chaim Gingold is a designer and theorist who creates and studies powerful representations for playing with, learning about, and reshaping the world. My design expertise and research interests encompass games, play, simulations, authoring tools, cities, and the history of technology. My projects have been featured by WIRED, CNN, Apple, and the New York Times. I work at Y Combinator Research.

Company presentation: Earth: A Primer is an independent project created by Chaim Gingold. He currently works for Y Combinator Research.