Introducing leading games industry professionals, researchers, educators and artists, the Games for Change Europe Festival returns to Paris this summer with a strong focus on education, activism and neuro gaming. Sessions will be held in English and French with the possibility of in-ear translation in both directions.




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The program at a glance


Educating, engaging and learning with video games. - The disruption of traditional educational models is underway and every year educators are facing an increasing challenge in engaging their students. To explore and discuss video games as a means of knowledge transfer and as a tool to change societies for the better, Games for Change Europe Festival brings together game designers, teachers , researchers, artists, psychologists, journalists and players.

Video games in contemporary education. – What kind of knowledge and which skills can be taught through video games? What are the intersections between game design and pedagogy? On June 16, the shift of play and interactivity from mere entertainment to a language of knowledge transfer will be discussed.

Video games as a new form of activism. – What are the values established through commercial videogames, what are the developers´ visions beyond the fun factor? How do Newsgames and Impact Games fit into the landscape and will they change game design thinking for good? Taking a closer look at a series of outstanding projects and getting into the conversation with visionary developers, on June 17 the festival will evaluate impact and analyze the mechanisms of transforming ideas and behaviors experienced in games into the real world.


June 15-17

Starting at 5PM


Paris, France

CNAM Museum, Salle de Conference / Access via Rue St. Martin




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